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Conclusion:  andropause disease (androgenic disease of andropause)

exists and is unknown

"Andropause disease" or androgenic disease of andropause is the whole of the pathological and psychopathological phenomena going with the progressive natural cessation of male activity. It is a consequence of disorders in androgens production.

Androgenic disease of andropause is a illness since its cause is determined, its consequences well known, and its treatment defined.

Therapy with androgens constitutes the key-treatment of andropause disease. It is a real middle to prevent sex involution and aging.

Our conclusions are founded on a historical study over 40  years. They are confirmed by the biological analysis and by numerous double-blind studies.

Therapy with androgens is the foundation of anti-aging treatment.

The replacement of other missing hormones will complete the anti-aging therapy based on clinical and biological indications.

Andropause disease requires academic teaching that is non-existent in 2021.

The expression "andropause disease" corresponds to a terminological use of collocations
The main symptom is the progressive decrease of sexual activity in the older man (andropause)
This symptom accompanies general disorders corresponding to diseases of aging (
andropause disease). It is indeed a disease that has a definition of its own.
As this disease is unknown, its definition is absent from all dictionaries.
The expression "
androgenic disease of andropause" is also suitable for this concept published in January 1988


History of andropause disease
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