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Androgenic disease of Andropause


Andropause is a condition.

Androgenic disease of andropause is a disease of the andropause condition --- (in short : andropause disease).

When Dr. Georges Debled wrote "Andropause, cause, consequences and remedies in 1987", he described not only a new concept but also a new disease.

At that time half of the booksellers in France did not know the word. They refused this new book.

Dr. Georges Debled chose the word andropause by what the dictionary described, since 1952,  the main symptom of the disease: "The natural cessation of sexual function in elderly men." (Le Petit Robert)

In fact  Dr. Georges Debled  described the andropause disease that

has a cause : a decrease in secretion of androgens (testosterone and dihydrotestosterone) with age

has consequences : sexual impairment with or without general disorders

has a specific treatment with mesterolone that has properties of dihydrotestosterone) (mesterolone exists only since 1967). (Testosterone treatment concerns the final stages of the disease).

Dihydrotestosteronene or testosterone ?

Definition of " the andropause disease" according to Georges Debled MD:

Medical definition of "the androgenic disease of  andropause".

 "Andropause Disease"  is the whole of physiological and psychological changes

that accompany the natural and gradual cessation of sexual activity in man

as a result of the decreased production of androgens (testosterone and  dihydrotestosterone)

L’Andropause Cause Conséquences et Remèdes       Maloine 1988

Explanation of the Medical Definition:

  • the word andropause was taken from the dictionary (1952) to characterize "the natural cessation of sexual activity in older men" or "male climacteric." Medically it means: decreased sexual potency,  erection and ejaculation disorders (which include prostatic problems). ere is no sexual (s) disorder (s) there is no  andropause disease.

  • decreased androgen production means that the hormone dihydrotestosterone (that is the sex hormone) is no longer produced in normal amounts by  transformation of testosterone (that hormone is not sexual . It is a "prehormone " that must be converted into dihydrotestosterone). Consequently, studies that do not mention dihydrotestosterone are not related to andropause disease  

  • physiological and psychological changes accompanying natural and gradual cessation of sexual activity in man are mainly the result of a gradual decrease of testosterone secretion from the onset of andropause disease to the final stage of the disease.

  • If there are no symptoms of sexual impairment, there is no andropause disease. If there is no disease, no hormonal treatment is justified.

  • Andropause disease occurs from forty  and sometimes even before. It appears when androgens' production  decrease significantly.

Since the first publication of The andopause, cause, consequences and remedies the idea has gained popularity and the lack of testosterone with age is widely discussed by the scientific community . In reality this is a syndrome called hypogonadism caused by inadequate secretion of testicular hormone. This syndrome is well known for a long time, is nothing new, but now seems to generate some interest.

Different expressions to define the climacteric :


Période de changements endocriniens, somatiques et psychologiques qui survient à la ménopause.  (Office Québécois de la langue française)


El Climaterio es el período de la vida que precede y sigue la extinción de la función genital. (Diccionario de la Real Academia Española).


andropàusa  :" periodo della vita maschile caratterizzato da diminuzione e cessazione delle capacità generative"  (Dictionary De Mauro). This dictionary define "Andropause" as a périod of man's live when he can not make chidren anymore.

The climacteric

In english-speaking world :

 Main Collins Dictionary Definitions :

climacteric noun 
1.  a critical event or period 
2.  another name for: 

3.  the period in the life of a man corresponding to the menopause, chiefly characterized by diminished sexual activity.

The male menopause :

Menopause means  : "the cessation of the menstruations". " Male menopause" miss the point.


The expressiom "andropause disease" corresponds to a terminological

use of collocations
The main symptom is the progressive decrease of sexual activity in the elderly man (andropause)
This symptom may be accompanied by general disorders corresponding to  diseases of aging (andropause disease). It is indeed a disease that has a definition of its own.
As this disease is unknown, its definition is absent from all dictionaries.
The expression "androgenic disease of andropause" is also suitable for this concept published in January 1988


History of andropause disease
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