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Treatment of hypogonadism

Treatment for hypogonadism must no be confounded with the treatment of the initial phase of andropause disease

Dihydrotestosterone or Testosterone ?

Testosterone is appropriate for hypogonadism treatment


Its molecular structure confers properties for proteinic synthesis.
It is not a sex hormone.
It can however be transformed into dihydrotestosterone by an enzyme (5 α réductase)
It can also be transformed into female hormone (estradiol)
Its use corresponds to the treatment of andropause disease male during
the phase of  hypogonadism: here  testosterone andddihydrotestosterone (which comes from the transformation of testosterone) are not secreted any more in sufficient quantities. The collapse of  general structures of the organism is added to sexual problems.
To treat hypogonadism testosterone gel is used in application on the skin,  testosterone contained in the gel diffuses uninterrupted in the organism. Several pharmaceutical firms market the testosterone gel:

Best product: Gel of Itnogen 2% of the pharmaceutical Kyowa Kirin. This gel, applied to the skin, allows the administration of testosterone by successive doses of 1 milligram of testosterone (+ or - 10 milligrams of gel), according to the indication of the doctor who prescribes a personalized treatment. The treatment is then safely.


Testosterone treatments are available as gels, creams, patches, pills, tablets and injections under different brands.
In the US, there are class actions against pharmaceutical companies that market these products at doses that might be inappropriate.

The eventual problems come from that andropause disease is unknown and ,therefore,  its treatment. Testosterone gel in large quantities is anything.

The double-blind studies with standard doses will not be very useful, since each patient requires a unique treatment. One milligram of testosterone is not 10 milligrams.


Testosterone Treatment lowers Mortality in Men with Low Testosterone Levels:

es MM,                                                                                        Download pdfmith NL, Forsberg CW, et al. TestosteronClin


Potential Benefits, and Risks of Testosterone Replacement Therapy:

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Study which confirms that long-acting i.m. testosterone undecanoate is effective in improving the health-related quality of life in men with testosterone deficiency:

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Influence of androgens on blood lipids:

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Treatment with testosterone gel doesn't  perturbe blood lipids:

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