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This book explains the principles of the androgenic disease, and

covers the management, details, and treatment of the disease of ageing----the androgenic disease.

 It is based on elements of biochemistry, dynamic biochemistry, and clinical details.


 The androgenic disease  is a a common disease of ageing that must be treated in each individual after 40, and even before.

It is a universal disease that is involved in all diseases of aging.

 All anti-ageing methods must take into account the androgenic disease. Otherwise, they will fail.

The androgenic disease  cannot be treated with testosterone pills, gel, subcutaneous injections or implants under the skin.

Disease of Ageing



The androgenic disease is responsible for the transformation of the arterial musculature into fibrous cells because the muscle cells of the artery degenerate in the absence of anabolic molecules (mesterolone) from the age of forty and sometimes even earlier. 


Thus androgenic disease is the cause of arteriosclerosis which causes a decrease in the vascularization of all organs which are destroyed over time. These destructions characterize the diseases of aging (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, osteoarthritis, impotence, etc.).


 The androgenic disease requires preventive treatment (mesterolone) from the age of forty and sometimes even earlier. At the beginning of degeneration, it is possible to see a curative effect. The treatment is inexpensive